Motivational Speaking at Rakaia Sports Awards night | Steve Gurney

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Motivational Speaking at Rakaia Sports Awards night

What a fun night giving a motivational speach to the passionate & fun community sporting talent at the 2016 Rakaia Sports Awards!

Steve Gurney & Jim laughing at Steve's Motivational Speech for the Rakaia Sports Awards 2016

The passion and fun of the Rakaia community is contagious - Laughing with Jim.

Motivational Speaking

I love recounting how i met Steve Irwin in person at the Eco Challenge in Cairns Australia. He was such a passionate man and i use him as a role model.

Sadly he died after being stung by a sting-ray, but I’m reminded “It’s not the years in your life, but the life in your years that matters”

Instead of trophies, the Rakaia Sports Community gives trees to plant!

Instead of trophies, the community award was a bunch of trees to plant. Cool!

Junior winners of the Rakaia Sports Awards with Steve Gurney

Some of New Zealand’s future world champions I’m sure!