Feb 9th – Photo shoot | Steve Gurney

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Feb 9th – Photo shoot

Steve Gurney wearing only undies and snowshoes in the Alaskan snow.We had a lot of fun today taking promo shots for our sponsors.

The talent being two of Curt and Fleur's most photogenic dogs, and of course the very beautiful Jackie and Pam, and me, the thorn between the two roses.

At a cosy minus 38 degrees Celsius, Pam was not having a bar of any underwear shots, but plucky Jackie got down to her long-johns and thin top!

I, being ever-competitive, had to go one better and ran down the frozen Yukon river in nothing but snow-shoes and bright orange undies.

I got my come-upance when I face-planted, much to the bemusement of the dogs and some local on-lookers!