End of the Yukon Quest | Steve Gurney

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End of the Yukon Quest

It's over! Our adventure in the land of snow, ice and dogs has come to an end.

Curt not only succeeded in his goal of getting his dogs geared up for the Iditarod - he even finished in the top 10.  Seventh place is absolutely amazing when you're out for a training run!

We had a great time and learnt a lot about life in Alaska, the life of dog mushers & their teams and discovered just how cold it gets up there! If you ever have the chance to be involved with dog sledding I highly recommend it - it's an facinating culture and working so closely with animals is not something I've done before.

We wish Curt, Fleur and the team the very best for the upcoming Iditarod starting on the 1st of March, we'll be watching how the race unfolds with great interest. There's a live GPS tracker on the Iditarod website to follow the action live.

Good luck!!