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Jan 19, 2014

Jan 19th Curt and Fleur picked us up in Anchorage in the big red Chevy dog truck.

It was awesome to see Curt and Fleur again! (And wee Wyatt, their 14 month son).  Connecting again with their purpose and energy. Finally we’re on the countdown to the race. Only 11 more days for preparation.

Beginning to realise just how truly passionate these guys are about their dogs. The welfare of their dogs often seems more important to them than their own…. Just to give you an idea of their dedication:

Jan 18, 2014

My first thought as the plane dropped through the cloud for landing, revealing the snow-clad city of Anchorage was “Damn, I don’t think I brought enough warm clothing!” 

The entire landscape was clad in snow.

Jan 17, 2014

Vancouver is a very beautiful city. Highlight for me was the Capilano Suspension Bridge, great fun.

We had the luck of a Bald Eagle flying past and a cheeky Squirrel posing for the camera.

I love how dog friendly the city is, Boston Terriers everywhere!!

The anticipation of the great Alaskan Husky’s, soon to be our closest friends, is taking over!!!

I’m eager Alaska! Here we come…..

Jan 17, 2014

Vancouver now behind us, the excitement of the weeks ahead beckons!

This is the beginning of the real purpose of our trip, and I am looking ahead with a certain amount of trepidation – strange country, unfamiliar sport, and living in VERY close quarters with people we barely know, living in each others shadows. No doubt there will be challenges ahead, and in fact we have no idea from which quarter they will appear…

This is the adventure for me……

Jan 15, 2014

Can’t go to British Colombia, Canada without doing some skiing! With a sparse season of snow so far, I opted for alpine skiing at Whistler/Blackcomb. (instead of cross-country) With a massive number of lifts stretching right up 2 massive mountains, I was able to get high to some really nice snow, and some breathtaking views. I was totally blown-away with the enormity of the place.. something like 250 runs! What a blast skiing amongst the trees! Met a few kiwis, some holidaying, some working there,. But nothing prepared me for the number of Aussies working on the mountain!!