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Feb 05, 2014

DawsonWe arrived in the wee small hours of 3:00 am.

Feb 04, 2014

North Pole Alaska postcard

Believe it or not, … only in America! 

North Pole, Alaska

We stayed the night in a town called North Pole, Alaska, in a hotel on Santa Claus road, which had another street off it called Saint Nicolas Place. 

Feb 03, 2014

Most teams stop for a few hours of rest at the CP’s. Curt (and other mushers) take time to bed the dogs down on some hay, take their booties off, check them for signs of injury or soreness, and feed them; before he takes off for a snooze.

Feb 02, 2014

Arrived Checkpoint 2, Mile 101 at 2:00 am.

Pam & I naively thought we’d sleep in the tent - we froze, whist Jackie opted for the most uncomfortable night she’s ever had, jammed in the cab of the truck, baby-sitting young Wyatt.

Feb 01, 2014

Curt started with 14 dogs: Hatchett, Run, Block, Ramp, Bolt, Trip, Mary-Lou, Gaiter, Hitch, Croc, Taser, Dodge, Kick, & Scenic.

It was so very cool to see the dogs so happy and eager to get under way.