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Steve Gurney's Blog

Feb 11, 2014

Sled dogs resting but ready to goCurt has stopped in Carmacks for a six hour rest break.  The dogs are looking good but it hit -50° Celsius.

Jan 23, 2014

Organisation day today. Its too wet to run the dogs, the trails have turned to slush, so the plan is to sort the race “Drop Bags” (Check point bags of necessaries).

Jan 21, 2014

My word what a day!!!! The best day yet!!!

I think my face muscles will be sore tomorrow from smiling today in excitement.

We learned, and had a go at running the dogs. Brilliant fun!!

Jan 20, 2014

I couldn’t sleep properly last night as excitement and reality took over! We’re here!!!

We’ve meet the team and now we need to learn as much as we can without getting in the way.