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About Steve Gurney - Speaker, Motivator, Innovator, Author

Steve Gurney

He won the Coast to Coast a couple of times…

Invented a record breaking Pod bike, a kayak with wings and an anti-gravity paddle levitation device.

First nudist on NZ breakfast TV ( did you choke on your Weetbix? )

Poisoned by bat dung while racing in Borneo jungles. Nearly died.

Fought back to win the Coast to Coast 7 times more in a row, a record 9 total.

Waxed his entire body for Dancing with the Stars.

Awarded an MNZM (Members of the New Zealand Order of Merit) gong for services to Endurance sport.

Wrote a best selling autobiography called Lucky Legs.

Crossed the searing Sahara by wind-power.

And travels the world adventuring and speaking.

The best way to learn more about Steve Gurney is to read his autobiography: Lucky Legs.

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Gurney Gears

Two of the many innovations Steve used to help him personally win race after race have been made into mass market products that are commonly seen in the racing scene in New Zealand, and are starting to pop up in increasing numbers in kayaks and on runners around the world. 

Anti-Blister Gurney GooGurneyGoo

Anti Friction, Anti Blister, Anti Septic and Anti Chafing, Gurney Goo uses the latest silicon technology with Tea Tree antiseptic qualities to keep your feet dry, preventing prune wrinkles (and trench foot) in wet conditions.

Also used for:

  • Feet, armpits, crotch, butt cheeks & nipples
  • Prevents kayaking blisters
  • Tried & tested by Steve Gurney & his team during Adventure Races
  • Also great for preventing baby nappy rash!
  • Our customers' uses

BumfortablesBumfortables by Gurney Gears

The Gurney Gears Bumfortable is a replacement seat for your multisport kayak. There's no reason to wait until the glass seat in your boat breaks - here's why you want a Bumfortable seat in your kayak:

  1. Comfort and support - closed cell foam provides comfort while being supportive enough to maintain a good paddling position. It can also be shaped to suit your particular body-to-seat interface.
  2. Lower centre of gravity - as compared to the fitted seats that most racing kayaks come with as standard, the Bumfortable actually sits on the bottom of your kayak, lowering yourself that few extra centimetres to the hull can make a huge difference to your stability. Ensure that you don't impede your paddling by being too low.
  3. Flow tunnels on the base of the Bumfortable allow you to pass tubes underneath for drinks
  4. Smooth Bumfortable finish to allow sufficient paddling rotation for long races
  5. Designed to support your back
  6. Lightweight & non-absorbent
  7. Warm closed cell foam - the Gurney Gears Bumfortable is warmer and more comfortable than fibreglass. Less abrasive and much less likely to make your legs fall asleep.


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